Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who PAYS $248 for a skirt?????

Who pays $248 for a skirt???
No me.
I just found a bunch of stuff on the clearance racks at Macy's (my favorite store.....well that I can afford.... forget Anthhropologie and Nordstroms, my real favs)
and took them to a dressing room an tried things on.
You know some days, nothing fits.
But today everything fit!!
I had $75 in gift cards and reward bucks and got even bigger savings, so HONEY, I saved us money.
I got a beautiful hounds tooth slim skirt that is regularly $248!!!!!!!!!!
for $48.
Oh yes and that size says "0" as in ZERO, don't ya know!
See there, saved two hundred dollars right there. And who is Ellen Tracy anyhow that her name on clothes cost so much???? I expect Versace for that much.
But when Macy's friendly Johnnie rang things up, the original price shows up first then she scans again for a sale price. Talk about sticker shock.
I do by some expensive clothes, but never that much for a SKIRT!!!!!

I have been on the hunt for a good pair of jeans. Not so low rise and not too long and not wide legged....
Someone returned a pair of Lucky Jeans- you know, the ones that cost a hundred just my size that fits that description perfectly!!!!!
So with NO TAGS....I got them for $32!!!!!! They are size zero as well, oh well maybe I had to get a 2 in these. Not sure.
Then I finally got a great pair of trouser, dressy jeans that I had been looking for as well- Kenneth Cole- not on sale, but oh so worth it.
I got a beautiful INC (Macy's International Concepts Collection- my favorite....) skirt and blouse outfit for 19 bucks for the shirt and 15 bucks for the skirt......regularly about $200 for the ensemble.
I got a few other items, and love them all but these were my best finds!
You see what happens when I get a babysitter and my husband is not home to see me unload the car???????
But just look at the money I saved him......
Now I just need shoes to match.


Anonymous said...

Drama Mama is jealous not only of the clothes but the sizes- Oh my goodness- I haven't seen a 0 or 2 since well, actually never in this lifetime!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Um... Me neither if you will examine the tag carefully you will see that I lied a teenie few sizes