Monday, July 14, 2008

Pop Star Camp

I signed Baby Girl up for Pop Star Dance camp and it began today.

She and KB and MB all dressed up so adorably......were so excited.....

And my little one and Little Princess both say they are not going back tomorrow.

We shall see!

Dance Camp $125

Leotard, Tights, TuTu, Ballet Shoes, and sequined dance Bag: $100

A shot like this.....priceless.

UPDATE: She did finish Pop Star Camp and learned THE CUTEST DANCE to Surfing USA, complete with beach ball and surfboard.
After the initial shock of a strict list of rules and paying attention for 3 hour....which is long for a baby girl.....she had a great time and learned a lot.

I highly recommend the Brimingham Dance Theater in Vestavia's Pop Star camp...ages 4-7.


jennifer said...

Not Going Back!!!

Bless her sweet gonna-be-at-dance-camp tomorrow heart.


Anonymous said...

BDT has a great rep. We studied at Birmingham Ballet right down the street from them and loved it too. Nothing beats a good classical school that takes dance AND fun very seriously.