Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bernies on Main Street: A Restaurant Review

Leigh had reviewed this little jewel before and I had been dying to try it out.
So this week I had a meeting to attend out Columbiana way and decided to swing by.
I can't remember the last time I dined out alone and used to have a great phobia about it, but this day was so relaxing and nice.
Bernie's was fabulous from the outside to the food.
I was there during the lunch bar hours. I say bar, because I really do not like the buffet...not a fan due to the germ issue. But at Bernie's, someone fixes your lunch for you as you make your selections from the bar, which I appreciate.

The menu was vast and the lunch menu was very economical.
I had the meat and 3 lunch bar and let me say that I have had every kind of chicken in the world because I do not eat other kinds of meat generally. Except Pontchartrain Chicken.
And it was wonderful- a grilled chicken breast cutlet covered in a "mushroomy" gravy that was perfect. I had a bowl of fruit, mashed potatoes and a green bean casserole that hit the spot! I could have eaten one serving of everything they had. The desserts looked so tempting, and there were homemade cobblers on the bar- but after stuffing myself on the generous portions from the lunch bar, I was STUFFED! They also have a regular lunch menu featuring burgers, chicken fingers and many specialty salads....soups as well.

So if you are ever in the quaint little town of Columbiania, Check out Bernies. You will be glad you did.
A perfect lurch place, but had a bar and looked like a place to hang out for a casual dinner as well.
The dinner menu was vast and special with crab cakes and many other gourmet sounding items!
So this is not just your regular deli or lunch buffet place, it is a full service restaurant with old town charm. Check it out!

115 S Main St Columbiana, AL 35051


HEWY said...

Bernie's is soooo good. I remember way back when it was an auto part store.

Leigh said...

Next time call me, I'd love to go with you. I love their asian salad. YUM!