Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Boxmasters: Billy Bob and Bubba....

I grew up in a small town with the nicest guy who always played drums in local bands. I always went to see him play with Hillbilly Romeos, Downtown Horns and a few more band he was with .
He is Mike "Bubba" Bruce and a great, funny sweetheart.
His recent front man is one of MY FAVORITE actors of all times,
so I could not miss a chance to see them live. .

The Boxmasters is Billy Bob Thornton's "Modbilly" band, a cross between British invasion and hillbilly (rockabilly) music. He technically called it Americana...and they have a video on CMT and a top 20 hit on the "Americana" charts.

Now- you know I am a hairband kinda girl, but a do like a bit of country now and again.
Regardless of your musical tastes, you had to love The Boxmasters!!
SUCH TALENTED musicians and a range of instruments were used to create a sound so unique I can't even compare it to anything.....except for Johnny Cash and a bit of old gospel and the Beatles and throw in a few amazing guitar solos and drum bits that will kick some serious A** ala hairbandish quality.
It was so great and such a blast.
Billy Bob Writes the songs and they, like him, have SO MUCH personality.
Such a gracious, honestly nice guy...for a bad boy.
I have so many great shots that I felt like the paparazzi.
And was asked to put my camera away!
I have lots of great stories and so many COOL stories about the night, but just wanted you to see a bit so far.
I will post more later.
Umm Huh.

My partner in crime, Aunt JoE.

Bubba and ME!

My sister was there and BoyT and Lambert too! We OWE her for lots of the fun and stories. As always, she makes things happen!!! I owe hiding out in the bathroom all to her. More later...

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Leigh said...

Oh, my gosh! You Doooooo like mus-terd on them there taters, uh, huh!

How cool is that! Slingblade is one of my favortie movies. My brother and I always recite lines (in character) from the movie to one another everytime we see eachtother.

A fun night! Glad you got to attend! Was this in Guntersville?