Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gnome Hunt: Coming to a Town Near You...

I found the book Hewy always refers to on Gnomes, and indeed the map highlights Helena as gnome territory. It also highlights my old stomping ground a little north of here where all our family mischief with gnomes takes place. How cool is THAT???
This is not Photoshop magic by Hewy, it is in fact, the map from the book by Wil Huygen, a Dutch author. He published an authoritative and comprehensive fact book in 1977 about Gnomes There is a 30th anniversary edition of the book for sale on Amazon and some other beautiful gnome selections as well.
Not that I doubted you, Hew, just researching.......
I found another a cool site while researching gnomes this morning- in my excitement over the Golden Gnome Hunt forthcoming.
He has lots of gnomes and accessories for sale. And a t-shirt.
Look at the gnome door !! How cute is that!

I think I may just have to design and order a TEAM CHARNITA/LEIGH t-shirt and purchase them for my teammates.
Aunt Jo and Emm Nanny......????? You in?????
6 businesses with prizes?????
I know my husband is just giddy with excitement. .... And my son is already rolling his eyes.
Or maybe a t-shirt just for myself so I can be THE ONLY WINNER....just kidding friends and family.
See...we are researching.
We are "strategizing". Is that a word????
We are strong!!!!
Golden Gnome we come.
If you are new here and have NO IDEA what I am talking about, go here.


HEWY said...

I love the gnome door. Gotta get one

Leigh said...

I think ya should! Hey search my blog for ann arbor...these doors are everywhere there. I think we should put them up here!

Leigh said...

or search my blog for gnome doors.