Friday, July 18, 2008

My son Plays for the NFL!!!!!

No, not really.....
but you would think.

Little Man had never played football but is very athletic and broad shouldered and definitley built for it. But his over protective mother would not have it. I preferered him to take nice, calm, quiet Tae Kwon Do and do skate boarding. Go figure. Like you can't get hurt at either of those sports.
He reacher Black Belt and tested trained for a year and three ranks to his 2nd degree. And wanted to "take a break' so he can play football.
So his father took him to sign ups.......take note of that sentence.
And we began this week.
3 nights a week.
And the parent must stay.
So, I, who barely know a touchdown from a touchback from a sacrifice fly,
have been to the parent meeting and all practices.
And gets his new UnderArmour cleats on about 3 hours prior to practice, along with his practice uniform and walks around on my hardwood floors.
And believe me, coaches and parents alike feel the deep importance of football.
I have to say, we have a nice group of coaches and parents. The coaches have a genuine love for the kids that is apparent. I hope they have lots of patience as well. They start pads in a few weeks. Such excitement. He will probably sleep in those.
So I have a feeling, before the season is over, I well be well versed in the sport that is FOOTBALL.
9 year old NFL style......
What inning is it?


Emmalee said...

Oh, I hope he scores a goal! Or makes a double play...or...something...

Anonymous said...

when the coaches love the kids, the parents respect the coaches, and the league realizes that not every family's life revolves around playing football, everyone wins! I love when kids get excited about stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm like you- I wish I could find a job that would allow me to read/write blog fodder all day long! That would be my ideal!

Michelle said...

Welcome to Helena Wildcat Football, my friend! I am a 5 year veteran of it,myself.. lol HARDCORE!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! ( that was my hardcore

Leigh said...

OH! He will love it. I hate that my daughter will not cheer for his team so we could hang. I thik you will find the comraderee great. Fun times.
And I get cha. I dont know anything about footballl or tennis.....