Saturday, July 26, 2008

6 Unspectacular Quirks

I was tagged by Leigh for 6 Unspectacular Quirks about me:

1. My house is clean and spotless most of the time- I clean and straighten it every night before bed BUT My car is always nasty.

2. I too am addicted to hand sanitizer. I now found a mousse type in a small shaving-creamish can that I LOVE.

3. I am TOTALLY an addict to the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper. More than twice daily. It is my drug. 10.2 and 4.

4. I change my hair color ALL the time.

5. I never touched a computer in high school or college...well maybe a few at the library in college....for research.....Bought one at Walmart and fell in love after I was married. I actually learned on a Mac too that year at school.
And now I am a BIG OLD HONKING computer nerd !!!! (Another addiction, I guess....)

6. I secretly want to get another tattoo and be a biker chic in another life. And have bleached blonde Big Hair.

Are those unspectacular? Are those quirks?
Oh, I have plenty more.
If you want to, guys, participate. If not, it's OK too.
I usually do not fo MeMes, but have lots of quirks.
I am betting some of you do to.
Um, Emm ( many, many.....) and Jess (SHARPIES!!!),
I will be glad to write yours for you.


Leigh said...

I am also with ya on hair color.

And ya know the saying(regarding big hair motorcycle chic) , "the bigger the hair, the closer to God." Go for it!

BamaBelle said...

Charnita, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your posts while Hewy was away. I occasionally drop in to yours and enjoy it as well. I hope to continue to read your posts and wish you many blessings in blogville and life.
~Bama Belle
(yes, I to am a blogger)

Emmalee said...

Ok, I did mine, but I'd love to have you write your version of my unspectacular quirks! go for it!

Jess said...

Go look.

jennifer said...

Hah! I did this and posted it but I was tagged by Leigh. I will edit it and add a link to you too! And I am adding you to my Alabama bloggers blogroll. It takes me a while to update that stuff on my blog.

Dr. Pepper hunh. I like sodas but anything diet. Got to have diet drinks daily. And my car is nastier than my house which means it is bad. :)
Take care.


"J" said...

Leigh tagged me too! I just did mine today!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about our 4th of July!!! I'm glad you liked it!!! I'm still NOT over the 1st place thing!!! lol

Your #6 said "ANOTHER" Tattoo? Do you already have one??? What is it and where...come on...that should be a blog post on it's on!!!! lol

Your # 4.....I sooooooooooooooooooo wished I could change my hair color! I'm such a sissy! I'm not brave enough! I always go blonde!!!!

Dullbert said...

aren't you supposed to scream your it when you tag someone ? I hoard music even stuff I'll never listen to I'm up to about 70,000 songs is that quirky ?

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Dull, just seeing who is paying attention.
And yes, the music thing.
Seriously a quirk.
And J- I thought no one would pick up on the 'nother tattoo.....

Emmalee said...

Re: Dullbert's comment

I hoard music, too! Good one! I don't even know how much I have, but I've downloaded so much that I have resorted to downloading old tv theme songs now. There's nothing else left...

Hmm...that gives me a blog idea...