Saturday, July 12, 2008

What about my life???

As you can see, after the excitement of 2 weeks of vacation, my life has kinda been a bit boring.
Well, as boring as a mom of 2 kids like can be.
I realized all my posts, since July 4th had been very impersonal.....
That is because we haven't done anything!!!
We have been hanging out with Princess and CO. and letting the kids play.
I have been trying to get my house organized so as when I am no longer a stay home mom, we can survive.
And Baby girl has had asthma problems since returning from my brother's for the 4th- so we have stayed indoors, to keep her cool and not coughing. So I play school, glitter glue and paint with her and while she rests, I have been Photoshopping and writing technical, informative blogs.......and reading other blogs.
So, I am still here, living life, but as Leigh said, the blogging world is in a rut in my corner as well.
But lots to report soon!

Little Man and Football for the first time.

Baby Girl and DANCE CAMP!!! Should be cute!!

A review of my fav Photo Lab site and new hardcover book I ordered with our Colorado pics (which is awesome!)......

And I am guest hosting for Hewy- so the pressure to perform....WOW!

Mute Monday: Energy- coming soon as well.


Happy Saturday!!!!!!!

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