Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Layout

No one even noticed my new layout.
And let me just tell you 2 things:

1. I didn't mean to do it.
2. It took me several hours to fix one mistake.

I am a technology specialist, yes I am.
But even tech specialists click on "save new template" accidentally and undo all the hard work they have done setting up a blog for the past 7 months.
Therefore, since I was back to Minima template with all my customization gone and had to start over anyways, I did a totally new template.
I wanted a 3 column- not this particular three column but another one that I still have not perfected.
So bear with me during this blog identity crisis. And feel free to comment your likes and dislikes. I may not listen, but welcome your opinions.
I know just enough HTML and CSS to really screw things up and am obsessive enough to spend hours figuring out how to fix it.
So, am designing new buttons, headers to my hearts content.....for the DREAM BLOG on the DREAM template.
In the mean time, I am going to leave it alone....while I even have a header and a sidebar.


Leigh said...

I like it. And no, didnt realize until I scrolled down to see the side by side columns and links. You are always so talented when it comes to tech stuff. My hat is off to your mad skills. You rawk!

jennifer said...

Hey Charnita. I am just jealous that you have enough know how to work on this yourself. If I could design my own, it would be a retro feel with Red and Jadeite green, you know, like the old Coca Cola colors. I had to go with the free Pyzam stuff and make my colors match that NASTY orange bar across the top. Which is a lot of ORANGE and blue. I am a Bama fan so this is.... not ideal!

Keep perfecting yours and WOW us with your abilities! I think it looks AWESOME already.

Take care!


Dullbert said...

I noticed.. Your layout has always looked good very classy.