Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Horton Mill Bridge

Built in 1935, this is one of the highest covered bridges in the nation, standing at 70 feet above the Black Warrior River.
It is also one of three which still exist in Blount County, Alabama's Covered Bridge Capital and home of the Covered Bridge Festival each fall.
I can go the "back way" to my home town by Highway 75 and have passed by this bridge my entire life. I remember stopping as a child loving walking around the old bridge and
thr river bank. I stopped by on my way home last time to show my kids and snap a few pictures.
The old bridge was build in 1935, redone in the 70's, but is now closed to traffic.
The smell of the old bridge was captivating and a reminder of my past....and an era past.
Oh, if only I had met a sexy photographer there....
Oh, wait....that is Madison County.
(just kidding , of course)


HEWY said...

I love those old wooden bridges. The big iron ones give me the willies!

Leigh said...

I love wooden bridges. You can get a trail guide on the Alabama tourism web site for free. Pretty cool to keep in the glove box!