Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get Smart

You won't see many movie reviews on this blog, well, because I am really not a movie going person.
But we had a date night last night and went to a non-Pixar movie!
Get Smart - starring Steve Carrell is a spy movie....a take on the old TV show.
My husband had to explain the show to me beforehand, because, well, I am not as old as him and never watched it. (The movie website is pretty cool....)
The movie was "cute"....had a few good one liners and funny scenes that were laugh-out-loud funny and was a good diversion for a Saturday night away from the kids.
I am very hard to please when it comes to comedies and to me, there are not that many that are truly funny and hold my attention throughout without becoming silly.
This one would have a few moments of me rolling my eyes, but would pick up steam with a really funny part.
While not one of the best movies I have ever seen, Get Smart was clever and Steve Carrell was very good in the part of Maxwell Smart.
The Rock and Hathaway were funny in their roles as were the other characters.
The script could have supported the great actors and their characters a bit more with more truly comedic scenes and classic lines....
I think with that cast, a little better writing may have made this move a big hit.
I give it a B-.
But a great time away from the kids on a Saturday night!
I guess that makes any movie and A+ !!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree--even a bad movie on a night away from the kiddos is a great movie LOL