Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy International Gnome Day

The Gnome of Helena Hunt traveled about the town today to celebrate International Gnome Day in the lovely, happy place he lives.
Hewy No Sleep, his namesake, and friend to all gnomes sponsored a gnome photo hunt for the occasion and Little Hewy was tickled to get to venture out of the flower bed.
The Buck Creek Falls were beautiful and a nice man stopped him to show him a HUGE catfish he just pulled out of the creek.

Then little Hewy Penhale Tucker gnome stopped by the old red caboose to say hello to his gnome friend who lives and works inside. My son tried to break him out of the caboose--and bring him to live with us on the day of the gnome hunt, but he said he was happy keeping his eye on Old Town.

Old Town is a safe place, with many useful tips posted to ensure the citizens that the town is enjoyable for all.
And someone is watching it 24 hours a day....may just be that little gnome in the caboose!

And Hewy was trying to get out to that log that was on the falls for 12 days, 21 hours and 37 minutes to pose for a picture......and he slipped and fell.
My wonderful, gnome friendly husband and little man had to go and rescue him!

And here is Baby Girl- the one who found Hewy and brought him to live with us in the first place!

He loves his home and had a great day celebrating living here!

Another nice citizen stopped to ask us if we worked for Travelocity......we did not confirm nor deny.

Happy International Gnome Day!!!


Emmalee said...

Travelocity! Ha! That's great!

Michelle said...

LOVE the pictures! Too cute!

HEWY said...

Wow, you have a bunch!

Stephen Wolfe said...

Those are some great pictures! That was quite funny seeing the gnome next to that sign!