Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Day at PawPaw's Farm

On our visit to Sand Mountain, we stopped by to see Gracie, the newest addition to PawPaw's farm. She is so cute and tame. The kids loved her. She even posed for some great shots. She is a few weeks old. Her father, Wilson, is a Jerusalem donkey and has a cross marking on his back and so does she.

Finally, Little man moved slowly enough to pet her! She loves little soft "wedding" mints and will come to you to eat them out of your hand.
The children love PawPaw's house....
2 cats, a dog, 3 donkeys, chickens, a peacock, a flying squirrel, a Rhino (Golf-cartish) thing to ride all over the 6 acres. And a shop full of antiques- knives, BB guns, farm son could pilfer in the shop all day.


marci said...

The kids and me are going with you next time to your Dads!! They would have so much fun there!

Leigh said...

Well cool-its a zoo! I wanna go! That little donkey is the show stealer indeed. Couldnt be any cuter!