Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wintzell's Oyster House: Guntersville, AL

Wintzell's Oyster House has been serving seafood dishes to the Gulf Coast for over 70 years.

Now there is one in Guntersville, Alabama for us to enjoy.

Dana Price, a long-time friend of our family's, seen below with the hostess.... opened his Wintzell's on June 3rd on beautiful Lake Guntersville and I was fortunate enough to eat there with my family as we treated my father to a Father's Day meal.

I loved the place from the
minute I saw the above sign on the outside....and then all the quotes on the walls inside.

The crowd was huge and the wait was long, and even with 5 children and
an impatient PawPaw,
we had a great time...
and excellent food!
I had the Scampi Pasta which was excellent...very garlicy- just how I liked it...
My sis had Crab cakes and my dad had catfish- All
delicious as well.
The hushpuppies are spicy with jalapenos and
Oh, so good.

And the I have said in prior posts, I am a banana pudding expert.

These were huge portions of delicious homemade pudding served banana-split-like with large banana halves down the sides of the bowl. We had bread pudding and chocolate cake as well.

Which were also divine!

We kept insisting that Dana add a dessert sampler to the menu, but he never agreed. Maybe next time.

There are no pictures of the desserts because we passed them around and scarfed them down, but we did pass the time by all modeling JessJess' new pink John Lennon sunglasses! And I saw SO many old friends and family during this visit to my old

stomping ground. And as Leigh says...a good time was had by all!

14455 US Hwy 431 S.Guntersville, AL256.582.5600
Turn and go behind the by the Dairy Queen.!
If you know where the Old Vaughn's catfish used to be, look to your left!


The Troll said...

Good to luck to Mr. Price. Restaurant openings are fun but a LOT of work!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

he already owned 4 Huddle Houses for many years, so this one should be a little easier- no 24 hrs, no drunks at 4 am.
but he did say he had been living there since it opened!
We owned a pizza place for a short time and it was AWFULLY hard work.

Leigh said...

Awesome! I love Wintzell's. I didnt know there was one up there. I have been to the one in Mobile (listed on the 101 places...)

And I love all the photos with the glasses. It reminded me of the cutest idea I saw. A photographer had some ratty rocker wig at her home and alyone that came over (friends/family) she took a photo of them with the wig on. LAter she had some 60 photographs, she decreased the size, and then laid them out and had it printed like a poster print and framed it. It was so cute and clever-and a fun rememberance of friends.

Looks like ya'll had a great time indeed!

Anonymous said...

Trasheka from Real Life in lower Alabama has been telling me about Wintzells for years- and I have never been- I did see where they were opening one or maybe it was already open at the new mall at the Spanish Fort exit-