Friday, June 27, 2008

Five for Friday

Five Good Things This Friday

1. I won the Gnome Photo Contest and get to guest host NO SLEEP HEWY'S ever popular blog. My son actually waded out and placed the gnome on one of the large rocks, and accidentally turned him backwards.
I loved it ! Thanks again, Hewy for all the fun you give us!

2. I finished our Colorado DVD- well the rough draft.
I pulled together all the 220 pictures and 30 minutes or so of video, put music and titles with Roxio Media Creator 10.

A good product that does it all....
PhotoSlideShows, video editing, DVD custom chaptering and burning,
imports audio formats of all kinds,
246 transitions to choose from. A great choice for your video editing needs and for the obsessive person who likes LOTS of choices.
All Van Halen and Bon Jovi music....too. Could you have guessed?
Turned out really cool, but a bit too long, even for me to sit through all at once...but a great way to preserve memories.
I do not do this is my alternative.

3. My niece Jess Jess got a car - she turned 16 on May 26th.

4. I found my OLD BON JOVI ticket stub from 1987 while looking for something else.
The price was 13.99- I believe, the best I can make out. The total price, tax, fees and all were less than twenty bucks! It was in a scrapbook that I found going through a box. I found lots of other cool memories as well....Like the nametag from my high school job.
I am still friendly, thank you!

5. While I was visiting my mother, she gave me a bag full of old photos. I was so HAPPY.
They were the old Polaroid Instamatic kind.
When you open the bag you could smell the solvent from the film. UMmmmm..
They were from my babyhood and early childhood and they brought back some great SUMMERTIME memories.
Like why I LOVE some things today....
And why I do NOT!
Happy Summertime Weekend!


Leigh said...

Those photos were precious!
I know you will enjoy your slideshow. I too, am not a scrapbooker. I bought all the stuff (after feeling obligated at one of those parties) and never did a one.
Not my thing...

HEWY said...

Great photos..Friendly!

Anonymous said...

Cute baby pics-
and I can't wait to read your blog at Hewys!