Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boulder, Colorado

Driving Northeast from Denver over the hill on highway 36 into Boulder, it’s easy to see why this intriguing town has been dubbed “the city nestled between the mountains and reality.”

At 5,430 feet above sea level, acres of vast open space roll into Boulder’s quaint cityscape tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
The city of Boulder is 27.8 square miles.
with a population of
103,673 residents, including 29,000 students at the University of Colorado (seen here-)
Weather in Boulder is
four distinct seasons and over 300 sunny days a year... (More than San Diego or Miami!) BUT Averaging 83.3 inches of snowfall a year.
Boulder Falls, a torrent of icy cold water dropping 66 feet, is just off CO-119 about 11 miles west of the City of Boulder and is breathtaking! We took a small hike and played in the icy waters a bit. The rocky high hike made me a bit nervous and Ally's Crocs did not bode well for hiking, but all in all, it was a great place to take in the beauty that is the Rockies.

The view from up on the mountain gave a great view of the college town and all its fun. Boulder was a very green, yuppie town and I loved it.
Many shops and boutiques line the quaint streets- not to mention many day spas and fancy restaurants and hotels. Many college bar hangouts were there too, providing an electricity to the city that was indescribable.
All the luxuries of a big city with such small town flavor!

The Flatirons are a famous rock formation well known to rock climbers. While I did not climb them, they sure do make great photographing material as well!

I find the small towns much more intriguing than the big cities.

Boulder was an unplanned little excursion that was one of the highlights of out Colorado tour.

I hope to get back and spend more time exploring one of my new favorite spots!


Leigh said...

Wow! I am ready to bbok my trip to Boulder! That last pic in particular is gorgeous!

HEWY said...

Great pictures. I want to travel somewhere so high there is still snow!