Monday, June 16, 2008

Finding Chicago Pizza ANYWHERE....

You know that if there is a Chicago pizza place to be found, my husband will find it; and we even in Vail, Colorado!

The chef and owner of Vail’s LaTour, a five-star French restaurant, Chef Ferzacca decided to return to his Chicago pizza kitchen roots and open a "red sauce joint" in Vail.

Before Ferzacca became a classically trained chef he worked in the steamy kitchens of Chicago’s most famous pizzerias. He worked tirelessly slicing mountains of pepperoni and tomatoes, preparing him to open his own pizza joint high in the mountains of Colorado.

With ZaccaZa!, Paul is returning to his roots and his love of Chicago-style pizza. This Red Sauce Joint specializes in family-style pastas original Chicago style deep-dish pizza, authentic Napolitano thin crust pizza, steaks and seafood.

ZaccaZa! Only uses the finest meats, fresh cheeses and San Marzano tomatoes.

ZaccaZa’s deep dish and thin crust pies are unique, as the sauce is on top.
This is not stylistic gimmick, but a necessity due to the cooking process....and as anyone Chicago-savvy knows.....what is the true mark of GREAT Chicago style pizza.

And this Chicago boy turned Vail 5-star chef's creation pleased my Chicago pizza aficionado.....greatly.

When we opened our own pizza restaurant in rural North Alabama and served this type of pizza, on the first night, a man returned his take out order, saying someone had dropped his pizza and the sauce was everywhere!

Everywhere.....Kinda like baby girl's face after eating her spaghetti and meatballs.....Or Everywhere.....
like her large Dr. Pepper she dropped loudly on the hardwood floors in a large GLASS with no top.
Needless to say, we enjoyed our dinner.
Fresh bread to dip in Olive Oil and spices....
Wonderful service and top-notch homemade pizza reminiscent of Chicago. For more info, you may check out their website here.

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