Thursday, June 26, 2008

It is Official. For 1 WEEK now.... I have been an addict.

I am a techie. Sounds better than computer nerd.
I have resisted the smart phone/blackberry thing.
Until now.
We were immersed in buying the family new cells last weekend.
I AM SO happy with my choice.
And can see why they are called Crackberries.
1 week in Blackberry land and I am SOOOOO happy!!!!!
Oh yes, have I mentioned that I am obsessive compulsive already?
You can hook up your blackberry to your computer.
Download the photos you want from your thousands to choose from.
Then have a picture, photoshopped and vignetted, that comes up according to your caller!
Make ringtones from your favorite Bon Jovi songs.
Assign your favorite Bon Jovi songs to the pictures and the person calling according to which song reminds you of them......
AND the list goes on.
My husband chose another phone (Moto Q)and after tinkering with it for the weekend, we returned it for a Blackberry product as well.
Mine is so easy to set up and customize.
A full review of My phone, His phone he returned and His new phone to follow!
Now I can get those hundreds of blog comments in the bathroom, on the road, at Target, out in the yard!!!!!!
Gotta a text
message from Princess.....
I see her picture and hear "Have a Nice Day!"


HEWY said...

Toys!!! I want one!

Leigh said...

That sounds so cool. I wonder if I have a ring tone. If so I hope it isn't something bad or annoying, something really cool.
And please, photoshop my pic to make me look like, Giselle...I do lok like her ya know?


Sounds really cool. I could probabbly never work it. You are cool that way-computer nerd, I mean tech savy.
Ya know I luv ya!

Leigh said...

Did you read my last comment in the bathroom?
You do know that your backebrry is now officially flagged?
(Seinfeld episode)