Monday, January 7, 2008

My First Blog

I have been inspired by some local bloggers to begin my own. I have been a stay home mom since we moved here and I have learned so much about our community by the local bloggers. I decided to start my own.
I will tell about our day to day life- my 2 children- Fred, who is 8- a black belt in TKD and a Sk8ter boy, and Sally, the 4 year old drama queen, I mean princess. My husband, Alabama Al, has called them those nicknames their whole lives.

I am getting together photographs, rather sorting through thousands to choose some- to post soon. I do portraits and have a photography business...or had one in Florida where we lived- and hope to begin one here in my new home.

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Leigh said...

How exciting, Charnita! I am so proud of your blog. You will really enjoy it. Welcome to Helena. I wish you had said you did weddings (but you are like me in thought-and you had an assistant) I just passed one to another photographer yesterday.
Your photography is beautiful. The Rip stick one brought back memories of when my 17 year old was about 10 the thing was skooters. All the guys in the hood had them. I have a similar photo, boys lined up on them. Lov eit to this day.
Your daughter is absolutley precious and looks like her mommy!
Next time my "gang" get together I will email you so you can join us and meet som efolks. I know we will pass by one another at the schools. I look forward to getting together.
Congrats on the blog!! And thanks for visiting mine. I will add you to my blog roll.