Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday my baby girl.....

I have been thinking about my blog and what to write.
I, of course, started with my children.

Sally just turned 4 and we had her party this weekend. Here is the birthday girl... then and now. My how time flies.

We had a huge party with family and friends and she wanted to have it at home. Believe me it is the last time we will have a party at home. We had 2 cakes- a huge Star Mountain Dora one- chocolate. Then a regular sheet cake, white with strawberry filling, exactly as the birthday princess ordered.

All her neighborhood and lifelong friends came as well as her cousins and aunts. Auntie Marci made Sally the cutest birthday dress and she was so excited....up at 6AM.

PawPaw was smart and waited until after the party and came for dinner.

Most of the family hung around for dinner- Tortuga's.

( In case you didn't know, the pizza is the best we have found here).

Well the best, except for my husband's.

AlabamaAl, originally from Chicago, has PERFECTED the Chicago style pizza and makes it all from scratch. We owned Al's Pizza and Wings restaurant in a former life and it is still THE BEST.

He modeled it after Lou Malnati's in Chicago....his absolute favorite. I love to go to Chicago just to EAT AND SHOP!!!

But there were too many people here at Sally's party....and I digress about pizza...... and I did not want him to have to cook all day. ...We have a double oven in the kitchen and then has has another one in the basement for cooking to feed the masses-- but this mass was too large!

I love it though because for the last 2 birthdays of Sally's, we have been in Florida and no family got to attend. We ate and 3 of the best friends spent the night for Ally's first sleepover. A great, but exhaustingly LONG birthday for me.....SO MUCH FUN for the birthday girl. I am thankful for my wonderfully smart, funny, mean as a snake little girl. And yes, she is 4 and I am 40.

Needless to say, today, Tuesday, I am still trying to get my house back in order. So next year.....Chuck E or Pump It we come. All the fun, None of the mess.

Happy Birthday My Baby Girl!!!!


Leigh said...

Great birthday pic.
I am so coming to your house to eat pizza. Love pizza.

Jo Ellen said...

Love the pics and blogs. Especially the Al's commercial! Brought back good memories! I think Em ate more of the pizza than anyone!