Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gnome Sighting in Helena....

Well, gnome or leprechaun???

As I posted, previously, our family has always been creative, game-playing, prankstery and fun. (Well, some of us....)

And a little crazy, but that is another post entirely.

That fun factor has included a gnome factor as well.

I think this is a gnome, just dressed for St. Patrick's Day already.

Anyways, I do not know who left him for me, nor why.(Although I do have 2 prime suspects....who blame each other...)

Perhaps he is a good luck charm for our new home.

Perhaps he will go on an excursion to explore Helena to search out more gnomes.

Isn't it ironic that I would end up moving to the gnome capital of the world???

....See map- borrowed from Hewy's gnome friendly blog.

This is another gnome game that was recently started. After my daughter's birthday party, Lucky was perched in my guest bathroom on the sink, nicely sitting on a folded piece of toilet paper. No note, no nothing.

So, Lucky is watching over my yard, awaiting St. Patrick's Day.

And it is rumored that a gnome kin-folk of his is Lost in the Sand Mountain Region of Alabama as well, where the gnome sightings are being documented and may rank high on the map. I think a gnome hunt is being planned for him soon there.

That is the Gnome Report for today, Live from the Gnome capital of the US! More to come.

HERE is a link to one of our family gnome games for those enthusiasts.
It won't be as funny to non-family members who wil not get how closely the characters peg their real life counterpart. (Courtesy of my game-loving, gifted, cousin.....)

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Leigh said...

Crud! I couldnt see the video. Says no longer available.
LOve the gnome. You need to send that pic to hewy.