Thursday, January 17, 2008

Al's Pizza.....Great Memories, Great Food

The birthday party post got me started thinking about the "Al's Pizza."

My husband is a much better cook than me--not just pizza, but all things.

(Let's just say that I can make long as it is on the computer. My kitchen skills are terrible, and have not improved in the 18 years we have been married.) But, he says he didn't marry me for my cooking! Thank goodness.
So he is passing the gift of his culinary skills on to my children.

The restaurant was a dream of my husband's....and he usually follows through with his ideas rather of the things I love about him. Where most people just think about things for a long, long husband does them in record speed.

So, behold, he wanted to own his own pizza place.

He cooked pizza for months, ordered samples shipped via FedEx in dry ice from his favorite Chicago places. We even visited Chicago to try it in person.

It was all good to me, but he was perfecting the recipe.

Finally he made a pizza he was happy with...Chicago style- sauce on top- thick crust. Homemade sauce and crust!(He added the wings as an afterthought-- and I LOVE THEM!!!- homemade wing sauce as well.....)

He found a building, bought the equipment, we went back to Chicago to buy decor for the place, we came up with a menu, complete with the Dillinger, the Capone and Chicago Fire Wings.....and in NO TIME we were restaurant owners.

This was 10 years ago, 1997 BC- before children- of course.

And now, without further adieu,

I have found the VHS commercial

and with a





have it here

for your viewing pleasure.

Al's Pizza And Wings

Sometimes, we get the notion to do this again.
I have to say the restaurant business was a hard one. We closed it because we found out something new to keep us busy was on the way.....Fred.
Maybe someday.......

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