Saturday, January 19, 2008

Alabama Snow

Well, I have lived in Alabama all my life (except for the aforementioned vacation for several years to Florida)--- and snow is a rare occasion. Only every 15 years or so do we get any to accumulate.

My son went to sleep with the radar pulled up on his computer and was so excited.
Determined to wait up for the snow.
He awoke early to find NO SNOW. He was so disappointed.
He continued to read the radar and came back and said we were covered in blue and a big blob was still out there.
He is a meterologist!!!!

As accurate as any when it comes to Alabama snow.

Pretty soon snow was falling hard and continued to do so for awhile.

Long enough for me to get some great Snow shots.

Now is is just past noon and the fun and the snow is over....gone as quickly as it came.

It was beautiful while it lasted, and like most good things in life- was gone too quickly.

Alabama Sleds-----

We have plenty of beach stuff....

so these boys found

a hill and put it to use!

Life passes by too fast.....

just like the snow.

Enjoy it while you can.

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