Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union

I am really not a very political person. I am not really sure if I am a Republican .
I took a quiz that said I was a Libertarian.
I read a poll by the American Family people and I know I am not a Democrat.
Watching the state of the union address was really strange, because I usually do not do it.
I like George W. Bush. I liked him more several years ago, but you know, he really does not govern our land all by himself.
I think he has made hard choices in spite of the bad situations-- what he feels are good, honest choices. No, I do not agree with everything in our nation, but overall, I am OK with what he has done with what he was given.
I think every American president will be disliked by, unapproved of , and disagreed with by half of the people. Is he glossing over the real issues- probably. Was it all abunch of fluff to make his points before a new person is elected.....probably.
I am probably very conservative compared to most.
I am a Christian. I have never really referred to myself as an evangelical, ever.
I believe in freedom of speech- freedom of religion, right to bear arms.
I do not know if I believe we Americans are to be the enforcer of peace in the world.
I do not think this world will ever be at earthly peace.
It never has been.
I do not believe in censorship. ( You know, that librarian in me.....)
You can't regulate morality.
You can't govern people's conscience.
We do need laws and rules to govern those who do not choose to be accountable for their own choices, and there are many.
We can't have chaos, but we can't regulate and rule every aspect of human existence.
I really do not believe in welfare- charity and love, yes, welfare- no.
I do not fault others for coming to our great nation to improve their own lives, but let's not lessen the quality of life those come here to seek trying to accommodate everyone illegally.
No Child Left Behind is a good law, when enacted properly and I have seen it used for some very good things in my educational career.
It has changed the way I and many others see the classroom dynamics.
But like any other political tool, it can be used to cause harm to our students and schools as well. The essence of the law lies in the reaching and excelling of all students.
Individual growth for all- individual goals and instruction to move each special child to a higher academic level. My own above average IQ, struggling reader and speller, excelling math student,Caucasian child has benefited greatly from some things enacted by this law. It makes our schools more accountable- it is tied very heavily to testing, but then again, we must set the bar somewhere to move forward.
No law will ever replace inborn intelligence or parental involvement or the fact that money does help a child's chances of success. Is it fair, No. Is it true ? YES.
All people are created equally, yes.
All people are not living equally, being honest equally...
not thinking equally and not earning equally.
No law will ever equalize people,
children or adult.
Rich or Poor.
Black or white.
Gas Prices.
Health Care.
Housing Crisis.
I know that is was very obvious when our commander in chief touched on a subject that was a highly bi-partisan- due to the split-down-the middle ovations and the horrible smirk on Hillary's face. Republican or Democrat or Libertarian, I will not be casting a vote for her....
I am thankful to live in a free, wonderfully diverse nation.
I am worried about the nation that we are creating for our children.
I thank God, my creator and ultimate commander in chief, for what I have been blessed with in this life and pray for his continued blessing on this land, whoever the leader may be.
Let's just all try to make a difference in our small part of the world.
and may God continue to bless the
USA despite those that do not want Him to.

For a good article on the 8 big topics covered in the speech, Check out this USA Today article.

Someone more knowledgeable than me on political issues......


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Leigh said...

well said and agreed with you on many points!