Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gnome Hunt in Helena

Well, my family acquiesced to my obsessive desires and went on a Helena Gnome Hunt with me today after church. If you do not know what i am talking about....check out my fellow Helena blogger's creatitivity at No Sleep in Helena.
At our wonderful Sunday lunch out, I told them all about the hunt ingeniously created by Hewy, the lost gnome and my intention for a family outing as soon as we were done with our meal.
We hurried home, changed clothes, looked at the video and all the pictures for clues and headed out.
Even Daddy went, which is a rare occasion for him to partake in my foolishness......
Sally kept calling it our hunt for Santa Clause.
Fred, my son, complained because he wanted to go play with friends.
He was shamed into coming. But as soon as we got there, his inborn obsessive-compulsive, competitve nature kicked in and he was hooked.

To beat it all, the reluctant participant Fred found a 5 Dollar BILL!!! He was kicking leaves and getting into mud as all boys do when afforded the opportunity and he kicked up a clean fresh new five dollars!!!!! No how is that for luck??
So no gnome was found, but a great time was had by all.

Even reluctant but now happy, five-dollars-richer Fred.
Sally is still ready to go look for Santa some more.

Thank you, Hewy! I am not giving up yet.......

By the way, we did see other gnome-hunting Helena
folks out there
the 29 degree weather
Can you identify these suspects??? We saw these and a few more suspicious groups lurking around as we searched.
We have always loved things like this in my family and I have a cousin, Red, who is great at creating games for us to play and even SIMMED characters perfect of all the family members starring in video treasure hunts....I am still waiting on her blog. In fact, at my daughter's birthday party, she or her equally as crazy/ competitive mother, Aunt Flo, left a green leprechaun/gnome in my guest bathroom...... unbeknownst to me until I was cleaning up the next morning. My son wants to do a gnome hunt with him next!!!


HEWY said...

Hopefully the next clue will give it away.

Leigh said...

I just spotted three rtolls takin goff with the gnome. I am so agrivated. I wanted that thing so bad! Shucks....

Spork said...

Don't give up on your dreams of finding the Gnome. I was talking with him this morning after pancakes and I think he is planning another adventure.