Monday, January 26, 2009

My Motto for the week....(or the day...or as long as I can hold out...)

A clean house is the sign of a wasted life!

I am going to try to spend time on more important things this week.
(Like reading with my kids, lying on the couch with my
fav white blanket, working on the family tree and photography, Watching my TV shows that I missed last week, blogging, facebooking.....Just enjoying the little things.

I am usually
OCD clean freak, but am inspired to use my time for other things this week.
I am sure I am still a clean freak to some, but I am trying to remember this motto as much as I can.
Who sees my house anyways but me and the people who MESS IT up AS I clean?


jennifer said...

I am obviously livin' it up!

I should take a page out of your clean freakness as you take a page out of my... freakin' mess :)

Enjoy your week Charnita.

Leigh said...

Its a true motto.

Enjoy life!