Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stoopid Contest Winner

The winner of the family's STOOPIDIST things contest is (drum roll please......)

she is the old one in the pic above.....looks good to be kinda dumb, doesn't she....!)

For catching a bag of fireworks on fire in the floorboard of her car at a GAS STATION and throwing it OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!.

  • A close second goes to: My MOTHER for running through a beauty shop wall and window while driving with a PINK cast on her foot.

  • MY AUNT J for leaving her car running in the garage for 4 hours which ties with

  • MY UNCLE C losing HIS car in the Brookwood Medical Center Parking Garage for over 5 hours.
An honorable mention goes to-
  • ME for locking myself out in a nightie and breaking a window with my BARE hand to get in
  • Several votes were cast for the CURLING IRON TONGUE test....which, I admit was me also--when I was a stoopid teenager
  • MY MOTHER once again for being a human trash compactor.
Thanks for all the votes and comments on our family's lack of intelligence.
I will be creating a special gift just for MY SISTER in honor of this and MANY countless other dumb things she has done.
(THE cellphone in the toilet was her as was the bra backwards, although she was in 6th grade.....or was it college?????)


HEWY said...

YEah! Your sister won!

Anonymous said...


what did i win?


LauraBeth said...

These were absolutely hilarious - thanks again for posting, and congratulations (or not!) to your sister!

Polly & Steve said...

I really needed a laugh today and you just gave it to me!
Polly and Steve