Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where to Start, Where to Start.....

I have been on a blogging break this past week with the hectic and busy life we have had.
I do have lots of things to blog about, just can't seem to find the time to sit down and get it all down in words.

-The results from the STOOPID family contest
-Baby Girl's 5th birthday party and the Pinata Fiasco Fun- including photos, of course
-Family Stories and some new Photography in my heirlooms collection- including an review and geneaology update
-1st annual BLOGGERFEST FUN!!!!
-My son's first official vandalism act and ensuing punishment
And more....
Stay tuned.
More to come this weekend and the upcoming week!!!

In the meantime, Dustbunny........






Leigh said...

I cannot wait to hear your take on things! LOL. What fun!

HEWY said...

I love the stoopid family results! That picture looks like a rowdy bunch.

jennifer said...

I have read Bama Belle's post (L O bloomin' L). What fun!! And I have read Laura Beth's. Y'all had such a good time - WONDERFUL! Yes, I'm gonna post my pic with my spin on the whole thing :)