Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Girl Turns 5 and the Pinata Fun (Um...Fiasco...)

I am really not sure how to begin the tale of Baby Girl's 5th birthday party.
We had it at home and her only request was a pinata.
Her Daddy got up really early the day of the party and went to a Mexican grocery store to have a good selection and get a "good one".
There are lots of pertinent facts from here on in the story.
** It was one of those days when the temperature was in the teens and the high below freezing.
**The year prior we had a pinata that you pull strings out of to win. She wanted a real one to hit.
Daddy held it last year and the sweet little darlings pulled the strings until all the loot fell out.
***After the helpful employees at the Hispanic American grocery got the...and I quote....Gringo...a pinata down from the huge selection, he happily brought it home where we filled it with bags and bags of treats for the children.
Now, you have just read about my family's tendencies to do things that are somewhat out of the ordinary and, well stupid.
So I had thought we could hand a round thingy from the back porch ceiling and tie the thing up there for them to whack around.

When it turned out to be cold, Daddy, Aunt GL and Uncle C had another ingenious plan.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. If your child attended, sorry.

We did not get a waiver signed as you dropped your child off in a house full of crazy people.
We did, however, have a hard hat.
Also, we beat that beautiful pinata with a small wooden baseball bat. Not a crack.
Finally, my hubby broke out the titanium million dollar bat.
And he whacked it with all his might.
Still ....NADA.
We finally had to cut a hole and PULL the thing open, after all that ingenious rigging...
Oh, yeah....the amigos at the store sold that gringo a "good one"!

PS...My sister said it was not a fiasco, is worked perfectly and was a great idea.


HEWY said...

Awesome party! Happy Birthday!

Bama Belle said...

Happy Birthday! We had a ballet slipper Pinata do the EXACT same thing. COMPLETELY indestructible. Seriously they should be houses that strong. Loved the pictures, give her a Birthday hug from the blog plantation

Leigh said...

Happy birthday BG!
I just knew you were going to say that the ceiling fan fell from the ceiling. Glad it didnt!

LauraBeth said...

Happy birthday! Looks like the party was fun, even if the pinata didn't cooperate. LOVE the Disney princess theme!