Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year in Review.....And a Look Ahead to 2009

On January 7th it will be my ONE YEAR BLOG anniversary.

I asked my husband how many posts he thought I had done in one year and he said, oh maybe 150 or so.

I said OK, so I won't tell you the real number. .......

And 1800 pictures or so in my Album at Picasa.
Crazy to some!! Perfectly normal for me.
So to celebrate my Blog anniversary, here is a tribute to myself.
Well, to my blog.

I really can't imagine not having a blog and wonder why I waited so long to start one.

In the beginning, I wrote more thoughtful, actual creative writing pieces.

Since I have been working a real job other than blogger lately, it has evolved into a diary of such, but I do intend to write some more reviews, ponderings and reflections in the new year.

I have met some amazing friends through the blogging world, and actually many of them in real life.
I have received gifts, encouragement and true friendship from bloggers that have made my life much richer in the past year, although I have had to limit my regular reading of blogs to only a few now since I have other commitments. I still sit down every now and then and have a big old blog night and read all my old favorites. I used to comment away, but now just lurk some of my old buddies from time to time.
I am a writer and photographer at heart, so blogging is the perfect hobby for me.
I have been to restaurants to do reviews and actually told the owner, as I took pictures, that I had a travel website. That truly is a dream of mine- To do a travel blog and book. One day. When I retire early.
So Here is a recap of my favorite blogging moments and posts of the 1st year.

  • In January 2008, hooked on blogging by Hewy and inspired more by my kindred spirit Leigh, I began my Xpressions. I had always had a website for my photography, but never considered or even investigated blogging before. How or why, I am not really sure considering the huge computer nerd that I am.
  • I began with a basic template and no header. I made a simple header.... selected a basic black template and starting Xpressing myself.
  • In the past year I have played around with html and I am to Blogheader5.jpg and have fixed and screwed up MANY template and layout changes!!!! I know OCD.
  • In the beginning, I began a Favorite Spot Friday, and a Five for Friday series....that I shoulda continued.
  • I also discovered the fun of Helena Gnome hunting and began posting our life for the world to read.
  • In February, I did a Valentine Swap and made a blogger friend in Chicago.
  • I also met a friend Leigh in Indiana and did a few blog headers and buttons for her in exchange for goods!
  • All the while, blogging many kid stories and photos as well as my love for all things Bon Jovi and American Idol.
  • I met Leigh in real life for the first time.
  • I started Mute Monday and met the always entertaining Troll.
  • I miss MM terribly and hope to start it again. Real jobs cut into blogging creativity. Go figure!
  • Through March and April, I began book reviews, got a HUGE box of nice hardback free books from Blogging and did the infamous hair history, which got more comments than any other post!!!
  • And OH YEAH!!! Won a Helena Gnome Hunt!!!
  • May brought about 350 pictures of BonJovi Live, --I love them if you can't tell....
  • and June-our Colorado Trip Memoirs.
  • The Summer provided beach trip pictures, restaurant reviews and more family fun.
  • I think the most searched thing on my blog has been Wintzell's Oyster House in Guntersville. I reviewed it and it has gotten MANY hits. You are welcome, my friend Dana Price, for the free ad.
  • And 2nd in search popularity..... Cyberlink You Cam, but I AM NOT gonna link you to the hideous pictures I actually posted of myself using that little program.
  • On International Gnome Day, I took my gnome to a photo shoot and won another gnome honor.
  • In July, more book reviews and I GOT TO GUEST HOST NO SLEEP IN HELENA! I guess because I stalked him and shared his obsession with gnomes.
  • I did a bunch of technical reviews, book reviews, restaurant reviews and won a bloggy giveaway!
  • At some point I begun reading and laughing with Dust Bunny Hostage and in the course of this year, have corresponded with and met her in real life as well. She is a blessing and a hoot!
  • In August, I started a new job and Little Man started football.... got free school supplies and gave away some too.
  • and ALWAYS My Baby Girl keeps me laughing and happy as she grows up.
  • In October I turned 40 and celebrated with my pizza loving Yankee boy in his home of Chicago.
  • And all the financial planning (UGH!), holiday posts, A RECIPE and family fun carried me through the end of 2008.
  • Once I got on a routine becoming a working mom again after several years, I have more time for my obsession of blogging as fall turned to winter.
I now still do the occasional book, website or restaurant review, but now mostly just tell our life story, which is enough to keep me busy.

So After one year of blogging, I am hooked.

As of this posting I have had 9,999 page views and over 6500 unique visitors.

I do like the visitors and comments, but I blog for me.

For therapy.

For the creative outlet my obsessive nature craves.

For the preservation of memories and sharing of good times.

For the friendships I am building online and in real life.


So, Happy Anniversary to me.

And keep coming back for more in my 2nd year in the Blogosphere.

What is your favorite post of mine?

And the person who found my blog by searching for housewife pictures in Alabama, so sorry to disappoint.


joellen said...

I enjoy all your blogs (especially the family ones!!!!)
Happy Anniversary and thanks for the entertainment!!!!

jennifer said...

You know, it amazes me that we started our blogs so close to each other (my anniversary is the 13th) and that it took a little while to get to know each other. My favorite blogging memory with you is apologizing for being nosey, you agreeing that yes, I was nosey but that you liked me anyway! You were officially a Blog Bud from that point!

I love the pics of Baby Girl in the Hooters tshirt. And I wont ever forget your post about the wrecked Hummer and Baby Girl's reaction to the bumper laying across the back seat :) Meeting you in person was a high point in my year. And watching your daughter and niece take command of Chic Filet was a wonderful thing to see!

I am so thankful to know you. Happy Anniversary and keep blogging JUST FOR YOU... because it works Charnita. It really works.

Be blessed!!!

Leigh said...

Congratulations! I am blessed by your blog and your friendship....thus by blogging. You are a sweeet heart! To another great year!

Bama Belle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I so enjoy your blog and I am thankful to know you in "real life" You are a blessing and warm spirit! Thank you!

HEWY said...

Happy One day early!