Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spelling Bee words...

I remember being in a spelling bee- several times. I was always a good speller.

Little Man, not so much as I have written of before.

He is getting better this year with an EXCELLENT teacher and some maturity and initiative.
He wants to be in his class spelling bee and as much as I discouraged him like the good parent I am, he insists.

We studied some words tonight.


I said that I remembered how that word troubled me as a child.

He said, "OH MOM, that one is so easy."



Of course.

Bis-GET. Just like it sounds.


Leigh said...

Sledge is preparing too. I am a horrible speller- as apparent in my blog. I forget to use spell check! And there needs to be one in the comments!

TG Sledge is a better speller than me......

Good Lcuk to Little Man.

Oh, why I called, refered someone to you for photography. I dont do weddings. It was very last minute-like this weekend, so dont know if they will call but FYI in case they do!

jennifer said...

I love the above comment where Leigh is professing to be a lousy speller, and then misspells (sp? HA!) luck. I know it was just a typo but the irony there is RICH!

I have asked my kids to do well on their spelling tests because they have all week to study and memorize the words. But I don't expect them to spell well on demand. The English language is just too confusing for that.