Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas Celebrations....and Chanukah too-- Part 1

I love the Christmas season. Here is a quick recap of ours....And is was Wonderful.
We participated in AND LOST the Helena Christmas gnome hunt...but had fun doing it.
That's all that matters, right. RIGHT??? Congratulations Bama Belle!!!

We then went to PawPaw's farm for an evening with the family at his and Nanny's place.
Her tree is always picture perfect and my Dad, thank goodness, had gall bladder surgery and was medicated during the 2 days it took her to get the beads measured to the exact inch and straight. Just kidding, of course, but it is beautiful and my Dad does indeed make fun of her usually.

My sister bought my brother's son a drum set. Pretty funny.... only because it was not my child's to take home.
We began our Chanukah celebrations on Sunday the 21st. My Yankee Boy's father's family was Jewish and he grew up in Hebrew school until they kicked him out.
We have lots of his father's Jewish treasures and we use his menorah to have a candle lighting in honor of my husband's heritage on the days of Chanukah. We have done this for the 6 years or so my son can learn of his heritage and the different religions in the world. We even have the caps- yamaka- for little man and Daddy to wear, purchased from a temple gift shop in Tampa.
We then packed up to head back north to my sister and brothers so the kids could play.
We took the Chanukah celebration with us and let my brother's kids participate, even singing the song in Hebrew. And what says Happy Chanukah better than a Webkinz????
I really don't know how to spell Chanukah. I copied it off the candle box. Spell check wants to spell it Hanukkah? Who is right, candle box or blogger spell check......???
Please note the Happy Birthday Baby Jesus book on the table.
My brother is a Baptist minister, ya know!
The kids enjoyed learning how others celebrate this season.
Jesus was a Jew, and we talked to them a little about that. Not too much, though.
Try explaining one of the largest theological debates to a 9,6,5,4 and 3 year old!!
OK check back soon for the rest of our CHRISTmas celebrations. There is way too much for one post!
I will work on a slideshow for the rest, maybe!!


Bama Belle said...

What fun! Sounds like ya'll had a great holiday! I love that you are teaching them about many cultures. We all sometimes get stuck in our own bubbles!
Thanks for the gnome congrats. I love that the girls (yours and mine) were so into the hunt! Team up next time! Happy New Year
We need to have a blogger brunch! You know have everyone bring a dish kind of thing. What do ya think?

Leigh said...

Fun times! Glad your Christmas was a memorable and happy one!