Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Fun....

I love this time of year! I have been trying to teach my children Christmas carols and remind them the reason for the season- Jesus' birth.
I am trying to teach them about giving and not just wanting and getting.
We attended a Christmas play at CCB church this weekend.
Any child who wanted to participate had a time to arrive for a fitting for a chosen costume and participate. Kinda an impromptu Christmas play!
A few older kids had the parts that told the story from the animals' point of view and the other kids were ALL the animals.
Baby girl was all about it. Little man, not so much.
He dressed in his stylin' new clothes and said he would "look" at the costumes to see the choices but would rather just watch his sister.
I said that was fine and just wanted us to all go as a family to celebrate Christmas together, secretly wanting my little man to still be my baby boy and be in the play.
We arrived and Baby girl chose a cute little bunny costume with ears and tail. Little man looked at the camel, donkey and other suits in his size and promptly passed.....
Baby girl dressed and was so excited. She went to the waiting room and the rest of us took our seats in a picture friendly spot to await the shows beginning, drinking our hot chocolate.
A few minutes later, a kind man came over to us and asked my son if he would please consider being in they play. They were in need of a tall kid to be a sheep, a "major" role in the play.
I took the hot chocolate from his hand, pushed him out of his chair and said,"Sure....he would love to be a sheep!"

I got to see my little man be a kid again, for just a few minutes.
He got to enjoy the play without having to admit he really wanted to....or maybe not.
He wasn't too mad at me.
Either way, we had a nice family evening remembering the Reason for the Season. My bunny, my sheep and me! ( and hubby too....of course.)


Leigh said...

Your children are beautiful!!!!

Bama Belle said...

What fun Charnita, the Children's Christmas play and serice is my favorite at our church and I am so sad we will not get to participate this year. We are still under quarantine!
Oh, because of that we are not going to get to do the gnome hunt either. Olivia is crushed. I wish you and your beautiful crew the best of luck and we are pulling for your victory!

Anonymous said...

that picture is the funniest thing i have ever typical al....

all the kids in a group appearing to be involved...........then ONE child by herself looking out at the crowd....not giving a shit what the crowd is into......
SO AL....


jennifer said...

I am glad the man got him to be a kid again. It's hard when they really do want to play and have fun and yet they are concerned about being cool. I am not ready for my own little man to feel that way!

Hope you are having a great week!