Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday... Shopping,Vampires and Shrimping

Black Friday....was black dark outside as we began our day, my Yankee boy, brother and sister-in-law.

We went 4 AM shopping and got some amazing electronics bargains for Christmas gifts. We only saw one redneck altercation and the rest of the folks were fun and happy shoppers.

We then went to Starbucks and to the beach to watch the sunrise. Such a beautiful way to begin the day.
I THEN went home and back to sleep for 3 more hours. Freddie Stewart of Bon Secour’s Southern Heir Shrimp Boat attends church with my Mother and StepFather and we got the FRESHEST largest shrimp I have ever eaten from him to eat for dinner. We had a good old shrimp boil, with corn and baby potatoes. UMM UMM good. Thanks, Gramps for the hard work.

The girls went to see Twilight !!!!! OH MY! I have to say I was disappointed. But I am always disappointed in a movie after a book. Too many details are left out. My sister read the book the night before....she was not as excited about the movie as we were, but went along anyways.The boys took the little kids to see a 3-D dog movie which they loved.
Little Man went with me and loved the movie except for the mushy parts when he covered his eyes in disgust.
The movie was fun, entertaining and Edward was OMG gorgeous as he changed from a freaky vampire to a more human character as his love for Bella made him more beautiful.
I thought JessJess was gonna pass out. To me, Twilight is just like the introduction to the whole saga and left me wanting more. I love our shirts!!!!


Leigh said...

What a combination-shopping, vampires and shrimp. But all good, huh? You are a brave woman to go out on Black Friday. I havent the balls or the patience.

Anonymous said...

Where did ya get that shirt? Internet?

Charnita's Xpressions said...

- Leigh- I have never been Black Friday shopping....I was just interested in the coffee and the pictures- but I have to say I got some awesome gifts at a steal....

Drama Mama- Hot Topic!!! I also saw a bunch of cute ones at We shoulda hooked up we were so close. You could've met me and dust bunny and I coulda done your beach portraits!!!

jennifer said...

You know, I have heard mixed reviews of the movie. One lady panned it bad. I just LOVED it! That kiss between Bella and Edward? I think they could have shown Teletubbies vs Barney with that kiss in it and I would STILL be in love with that movie!

And Oh my Edward!!