Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gnome Hunting !!! And my New Friend

Check out the new blog about the Helena gnome hunt!
Hewy, premiere Helena blogger, is once again up to his fun.
Be sure to tune in.....
DON'T! I don't think it will be any fun .....

Just kidding. Come on out and play with us. We can handle the competition.

My family and I are gonna, hopefully, add another notch to our gnome belt. Or garden.

Here is my newest addition- I got him today from a new real life friend.
I got the honor of meeting....the GNOME MASTER himself!!!
Quite an honor. Thank you, my new friend.

I shall name him Blogger, for the person who got me hooked on Helena blogging and shares my love for gnome hunts as well.

I hope the Christmas gnome will be joining him this weekend.


Bama Belle said...

Hey Charnita I am cheering for you my gnome hunting friend! Orren is still quarantined and we won't be able to hunt. So I am counting on you to win! Make me proud!

jennifer said...

Did you get to meet HEWY? Lucky!

The gnome is adorable. Good luck!!!


Charnita's Xpressions said...

Oh yeah. Finally met the man himself. Such and honor!!!