Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Remembering My favorite Christmas Gifts:A Christmas Meme

I know, Christmas is not about stuff. There is a reason for the season and we tend to forget and leave the CHRIST out too often.
But we all remember our favorite Christmas gifts from growing up... the excitement of that cherished treasure under the tree on Christmas morning.
My mother always set out our gifts in a neat arrangements by child so we could behold them in all their wonder all at once!!
She gave us so many wonderful Christmas memories and I need to call her up and thank her now that I know what effort it took.
My children already love to look at old Christmas morning pictures and say, "AWWW MOM, I remember that. I loved it!!! Do we still have it???"
HERE ARE a few of mine favorite gifts from Santa through the years.

The Magic Hat Magic Kit- A real hat with lots of tricks, a wand, a secret compartment....My sis and I both got one and we did shows and had a blast with it.

Barbie Townhouse with pull string elevator- I LOVED this thing. I had a huge Barbie suitcase with all my dolls. Even had a Donnie and Marie set in there! And a bathtub that made real bubbles. My sister hated it.

A Merlin- I loved this game. It has memory games and follow the leader games. Complete with lights and sounds. I thought it was SO HIGH TECH and carried it everywhere~! I used to talk in it too like it was a new fangled phone super spy cell phone.
I have always been a game player and still am. I got Merlin and Simon the same year. Both strategy, thinking games that I adored. They still make a fancier Simon that I saw recently. I may get my kids one although they laugh in the face of this old technology, rightly so. I so wish I had these. I held onto them until they stopped working....I may check Ebay.

An Odyssey 2 Magnavox Video Game. 4th and 5th grade. Man o Man. What Fun.
A keyboard for typing. Pick Axe Pete!! We had lots of games and played this for many years. It was our 2nd video gaming system. Yes, we had a Pong.

So what about you???

Please do this Christmas MeMe!!
Post it and comment so that we can share in your old Christmas memories.
Christ is the reason for the season and we have all been blessed with wonderful memories throughout our lives as we have celebrated his birth!
I look forward to seeing your list.
I have so many more, I may have to do another post!


Emmalee said...

That Barbie house (and the Donnie and Marie dolls!) were passed on to me - and I loved them, too! I still remember Donnie and Marie's flashy purple and pink costumes!

Howard said...

The gift that had the biggest impact on my life was a Timex Sinclair 1000 computer I got in 1982/3. It was the first personal computer for under $100. It had a whopping 2K of memory (a 16K upgrade was $259), ran at 3.25 MHz, and its operating system was Sinclair BASIC. Programs were loaded and saved on cassette tapes.

Leigh said...

Oh, I so wanted that townhouse! Never got it!

HEWY said...

So cool! I had a Merlin and Simon!