Thursday, December 18, 2008

A glimpse inside our Christmas home.....

Christmas....a mix of the old and the new!!
All special to me. A sign given to me by my best friend gives you blessings as we welcome you.
Santa Welcomes you in his sleigh!
My great uncle sent this reindeer sleigh to us this year as a gift and little girl added the stuffed Santa all on her own to decorate the entrance. So come on in!!!
Over the kitchen sink, I have a Christmas picture collage board with all the family pics we made at the beach and cards from other "family" members as well.

In the dining room is my Mom's old nativity scene. It is as old as me.....and the only fight I ever won with my sister got me this addition to my Christmas collection.
And at the bottom of the steps, to add more nostalgia..... there is a collection of little glass bears that were my Mom's favorites through the years.
When she and my Dad divorced, when I was already grown....she divided lots of her Christmas decorations and keep sakes between the children for us to have.

And today, I got the coolest gift from Little Man. His class at school made a wreath out of baggies! He tied 150 baggies on knots around a wire clothes hanger to create this MOST awesome wreath. I hung it on my pot rack in the kitchen.......
And tried it out on the grandfather clock as well. I LOVE IT, little man.
Ok....Enough for this evening. I am off to my cozy Christmas bed for visions of sugar plums. ( If only it were not 75 degrees in the south....)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Leigh said...

Great job on the baggie wreath! What a clever teacher to come up with that, it turned out really cute!

jennifer said...

Oh I LIKE the wreath!!! He did an awesome job. And the Santa in the Sleigh is right where it should be. Your home looks lovely!

Laurel said...

That nativity scene is my favorite.! Merry Christmas..