Saturday, September 6, 2008

Funny Baby Girl

A Discussion of Politics Over Breakfast:

"Do you know what the presidents is?"
"Um, yep... Mama. The President of the United States but, what does that mean?"
"It means he is the "boss" of our country, he is in charge."
"Oh, then he gets to eat WHATEVER he wants! Is it a girl or a boy?"
" A boy."
"Oh no! I do not like boys."

At Preschool, her class had Ed's Pet World (Homewood) come and bring pets during this past PET week. She held a snake, a scorpion, a baby alligator, a parrot, a tarantula. Last night, she ran from her room screaming BLOODY murder. She was holding her arm outstretched and I full well expected to find a large gaping wound due to the crying and screaming she was creating. It was a lady bug on her finger. I said, after all you held at school today????

She said, "I didn't hold ANY BUGS. I hate bugs."

A little boy was trying to bully her at the football game. I was watching from afar.
He was talking sternly to her and then measured their heights to show he was big and she was a Baby, I assumed. She is 4- he was probably 6 or 7.
She, hands on hips, just took her two fingers, touched him lightly on the chest and pushed him ever so slightly, as if to "blow him off."
I did not know what she said, but the boy took off running and she chased him until he sat back down with his friends. She stood right over him, hands on hips, again. Just daring him to get up.

A cat says "Emow".

I heard her in her room yesterday, with a harmonica, singing a song about being in jail.
I am not big on video, but had to capture Baby Girl Singing the Blues.....especially for Leigh.


Anonymous said...

Good thing- stay far far away from boys!

jennifer said...

Oh Mom! She is TOO cute! There is a whole lot of personality in a little package right there.

Leigh said...

OK....that is the best thing I have ever seen. That girl has da rythym, that girl has got da soul and that girl has got "da blues".
Simply amazing!

Joy Guest said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You must put that on youtube or at least send it in to the Ellen Degeneres talk show!! She plays videos like that all the time on her show and usually invites the guest if she likes it! That is the funniest thing I've ever ever ever seen! She's really seems to know what she's doing & singing there. Awesome!!

joellen said...

How could you video that without laughing??? That was hilarious!! Love it! Good job, Baby girl!!!!

The Teenage Years said...

That was too funny lol