Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekend Report: Wine'd Down and Road Trip

This weekend we had a Parent's night out and went to eat and listen to some good music with a few football parents. Tracey Tucker and his pal Alan Renfroe were playing at Wine'd Down in Patton Creek and they were fabulous!!!

The Jones' and the hometown pals of mine know the musicians and told us how great they were- and boy were they right. One of the coaches and his fun wife came along as well.
I did not take my camera and was reduced to cell phone shots, which as you know, I hate.
I found them on my space:
Check out these talented guys if you get a chance. Tracey Tucker lives in Helena.

There is also a calendar on the Wine'd Down site. The place is not loud, not smoky- just right for some grown up relaxation.

The music was fun and a great mix of acoustic tunes- lots of kinds.....including of course, my favorite, a Bon Jovi. There playlist was extensive and their talent was immense.
We must do it again. I saw where they were there again on October 1oth. I hope to go back.
Although 11 pm is my curfew in my old age.....with kids, it is hard to stay out very late anymore!

On Saturday, we took a road trip to my old stomping ground for my nephew's birthday.

If you have never had a Mater's Pizza, then you are missing out. Mater's opened in 1978 and has been serving homemade crust pizza since then.
We veered off in Gadsden to get some for the football party after the birthday party.

When we were in high school, we would get Mater's during the week from the now closed Sardis location. MY BROTHER the reverend, would LICK all the left over pieces and put them back in the fridge so that my sister and I would not eat them. Such love for the family!
You know my hubby is a pizza expert and this place is worthy of a detour on a road trip to grab a few to go.
The pizza was awesome and if you are in the downtown Gadsden area, check it out.
Mater's Pizza and Pasta Emporium
329 Locust Street
Gadsden, AL 35901
Telephone: 256-547-2556

My nephew had a great 3rd birthday, my kids had fun playing with the cousins and it was a perfect weekend. Except for my Yankee boy.

The Bears lost, Auburn lost.....BUT HEY!!!!!

GO CUBBIES!! They clinched the division, as he so carefully explained to me.
So we may be seeing the cubs play in October when we visit the Windy City!


Leigh said...

MAters is my hands down absolute favorite pizza place in all the world. Sarah (who has worked there since the beginning of time) is our requested waitress. And seriously I drive to Gadsden JUST to get a pizza. Ask them. LOVE.

Ok, nesxt time you go to the wined down, call me. WOuld love to go with you!

jennifer said...

Makes me wonder if it is the same Maters that my husband talks about. Seems like the Maters he liked was in Boaz though. Hmm.

Sounds like fun all round!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Yes, there was a Maters in Sardis, right outside of Boaz. It closed a few years back- this is the original one in Gadsden.