Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Follow Me- NOT Literally......I will lead you astray

I am so excited! I have a follower!!!!
Follow me! Follow Me.

Not literally, because I will get you lost if driving, just ask my son and husband about finding Oak Mt. football game last night.
I had been there before, only a few weeks ago and still got lost.

I passed the exit on my way to work last week and went 10 miles- YES I SAID 10 MILES- past it before I realized it. In my own little lala land.
That is 20 miles out of the way total for you smarty pants math folks.

My son had to get me to the bank when we first moved to Tampa. He would say,
"Mom, this is not the way the bank was last time. Turn here!!!"
Did I mention he was 6 at the time???

Oh, believe me, I could go on about my spatial realtions learning disability. But I won't.



HEWY said...

I do the same thing all the time. One time my wife just let me keep driving to see where I would go. She finally said something when we were on I-65 heading south. I guess my subconscious wanted to goto Florida.

jennifer said...

OK, how can you photo shop me and make me NOT look way sexy and not look way gross with the French Maid thing? Just curious....

and I am more uncomfortable with sexy than I am gross.

Let me know chick!!

The Troll said...

I'm the exact opposite but here are two tips for the terminally lost:

1) Remember NUMBERS not landmarks. Think Destination is at 5075 Elm Street, not Destination is Near a Starbucks and a McDonalds. You'll get better over time. When you get to 40th street, you'll wake up a bit. When you get to 60th Street, you'll realize you went too far. Instead of 10 miles too far.

2) Remember NORTH/SOUTH/EAST/WEST not LEFT/RIGHT. In America, 98% of all roads work this way on numbering.

North/South Street: Even numbers are WEST.

East/West Street: Even numbers are NORTH.

I guarantee these will help if you try them.

Jess said...


So true.....

Anonymous said...

Okay- I am followin now!