Friday, September 12, 2008

Shaggy's Update....

Remember the place we ate in Pass Christian, MS and had wonderful food and took great harbor shots during Labor Day weekend?
Remember how I posted a picture of it after Gustav?
Well, my reporter and photographer from the MS Gulf Coast was there yesterday to see what Ike had delivered to our little favorite spot.
The place we parked: Under water
The place we took those great pics of the kids:
Under water
The bottom floor of Shaggy's: Flooded
Just the sheer force of the storm was pushing so hard on the water, my reporter said this was all not from rain, but the coming surge pressure of the storm itself, still 2 days out.
Just because these storms do not "hit" straight on an area does not mean major damage is not prevalent.
My heart breaks to think of the damage I saw lingering from Katrina. Now to pile on 2 storms this month is even more heart-breaking.
So Shaggy's and all the good people on the Gulf Coast, hang in there.
We are all thinking of you and hoping you fare well.


Bama Belle said...

Hey Charnita, I cannot believe the damage along the coast and feel for all those people who are often overlooked. I posted pictures of Gulf Shores a day or two ago you would not believe! Hope all is well with your clan. See you soon.

jennifer said...

It breaks my heart for all of the people displaced and without power, etc. One day life is normal, then suddenly.... chaos. They are all in my prayers.