Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Report: Fall Festival, Hot Air and NO LOOT

HIS Fall festival was a blast. A good time was had by all.

Little girls and Big boys alike loved the festivities!!

I had to work a shift and Daddy met me with the children afterwards. Baby girl sleeps in a Hooters tanktop as her PJ's. Um, yes, that is it in the picture because that is what she showed up wearing at the Fall festival.

A hot air balloon breezed over our neighborhood on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
And Baby girl in yet another Hooters t-shirt as we looked for the REALLY lost Tomb of Gents Loom in Hewy's October hunt Sunday afternoon as well. My gnome hunting expert team and I cracked the code finally, but some thief beat us to the loot.
Baby girl and I had fun looking, tough. And if you were one of the 2 cars that drove by as I took a nice, graceful fall down a large steep hill on a main parkway, I know you were laughing.


jennifer said...

I have to head over to Hewy's now and see who won. Have a great week Charnita.

Leigh said...

Oh, noooooo! Sorry you fell. Though I am sick and woulda laughed. With you, not at you of course.
I saw the ballon too, snapped a shot, but behind trees. Your's is much better...