Monday, October 27, 2008

Lou Malnati's and Navy Pier

After Chinatown, we took a trolley and bus to get to Lou's! The best pizza ever. The secret is in the crust and my hubby wanted to sneak in the kitchen and steal the recipe. His pizza is as good as this, but the crust is a little different. They say the secret is in the Lake Michigan water used? Or some other secret ingredient. Whatever the case, it is wonderful The lunch special was a salad and a 6 inch of your choice. He had 2. I had the Stuffed Spinach bread, which tasted just like the pizza crust and was stuffed with cheese and spinach. The bread was great, the stuffing a bit heavy, but had a good taste. I just scooped half of it out and ate away~!
I know, I have said before, order the half baked ones and have it delivered right to your door!!! Try it for a holiday gathering if you have not. Portillo's is available as well.
We walked off the lunch by heading to Navy Pier and window shopping and people watching.

It is a beautiful place filled with sights, sounds and smells that are truly Chicago.
I did get some Homemade fudge at a candy shop, a $10 block that was worth every penny. I ate a small sliver, still stuffed with Lou's cuisine!

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Leigh said...

so hungry now.....yum!