Sunday, October 19, 2008

Turning 40 in one of my favorite places......

The leaves were in full color.
The high was 57. The low 36!!!!
It was cold, beautiful, relaxing, and exciting all at once.
What a great thing to get to do some of your favorite things
with your favorite person for your birthday.
Oh, I am sorry, No, not John BonJovi..... my REAL LIFE favorite.
I returned to my Yankee boy's hometown of Chicago to celebrate my 40th birthday.
Just the 2 of us and it was Wonderful.First off, 2 thing I missed greatly about my Florida home. My long forgotten addiction to DUNKIN DONUTS French Vanilla coffee and chocolate donuts. I grabbed these favorites first chance I got at the train station. This started the weekend of EATING off just right. And the warm coffee felt great in the crisp Chicago air.

I took some great shots. Saw some interesting, cultural sights. Saw $700 shoes. Ate. And Ate. And then ate again. We stayed at a wonderful hotel and did a lot in 2 days. Funny, you can do that with NO KIDS.
I will share more as I get a chance.
I love Chicago. I have visited many times and still find new things to do and see.
So stay tuned to see the sights,
sounds and
taste of a GREAT American city and my
40th birthday adventure.


jennifer said...

This post and the one after it was just wonderful. I am so glad that you had a great trip with your husband. I would REALLY like a little no kiddo time with my fella!

Leigh said...

A well deserved date weekend. Did you bring the crisp weather home with you? Happy b'day friend! You look fabulous!