Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall is in the Air

Nothing says fall like October. Apple Cider. Cinnamon Candles.

Thanks to my friend Leigh for the wonderfully fresh delicious apple cider. It is the best! And my neighbor Thelma for the wonderful fall candle. They both made for a relaxing fall evening.

Crow Mountain was a family favorite of my grandparents each fall and this brought back some fond memories. Check out Leigh's blog for more details on the Fall Harvest and other Alabama treasures.

Happy Fall, Y'all.


Leigh said...

Charnita, that just looks comforting and cozy! I was happy to bring back some of the memories to you! I think your grandparents would've wanted that! Glad you are enjoying sipping on your cider. Happy Fall Ya'll!

Bama Belle said...

What fun! I hope your birthday was wonderful and you continue to enjoy the fall. October babies are required! Glad to know I share the month with a great lady!

jennifer said...

What thoughtful gifts! I have cider scented candles burning right now. The house smells so nice.

Have a great weekend Charnita.

joellen said...

How nice!! We should go to Crow Mountain sometime. I took Nana and Grandad once- fun trip!!!