Monday, October 20, 2008

Planes, trains and NO automobile: CTA and the big city

Coming from a small town environment, it is difficult for some to imagine FLYING to a city and not having a car. We always make use of the Chicago Transit system while visiting, but it is a little more hectic with children, so we usually have a rental car. This trip, no kids. And no car.

I am very directionally challenged and the map below is the CTA train map. Buses are a whole different complicated map. So I pretty much just followed the leader with NO clue how to get around. I have to admit, by the end of the trip, I feel pretty confident that I could make it alone. Maybe.

So, we flew to Midway. Took the Orange line to the Loop, got on a Blue Line, took it almost out to O'Hare, to Rosemont station, to our hotel.

Something we would NEVER do with kids.

Or prior to Dave Ramsey taking over our finances. Downtown hotels are great, handy to all attractions and expensive.

We stayed at a new hotel we had never tried, the Sofitel.

"Classic comfort with the French accent..."

I must say that I was impressed. Tastefully decorated. Amazing food. Personalized service and concierge. Soft comfy bath robes. THE BEST hotel bed with many fluffy pillows and comforters. We got a non-refundable rate that was as reasonable as you can find in a major American city. It had all the required comforts and many, special extras. I recommend this hotel highly. Attention to detail. Scented candles everywhere. A special treat from the manager for my birthday.


So we arrived at the hotel, checked in and took a long nap to recover from our 7 AM departing flight and rest up for our trek in search of our favorite Chicago food back downtown and some sightseeing for my birthday eve.

Back on the CTA for some adventure.

Stay tuned for more Food, art,

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