Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Fright from Elvira

As a commitment to the new financial plan and as we are preparing to attend the Dave Ramsey event tomorrow, I have pledged my commitment to the cause in the best way I know how. I have not only destroyed all credit cards, but have COLORED MY OWN HAIR.

Yes, the mega bucks budgeted into the Dave plan for haircare each month was equal to 3 eat outs! Think about it, coloring your hair- cooking 3 less meals a month.

And let's face it, my hair can stand just about any color I choose to thrust upon it. If you have read my hair history you can attest to the fact that I am not immune to experimenting with hair color. In fact the little graphic below depicts the rainbow of colors I have sported in the past 12 months.

So you may think that the hair color is no big deal AND I admit, it is insignificant in light of the whole world order. To me, it is just my display of commitment to changing.

$120 vs. $10

And $10 was without the Winn Dixie card.

I dug it out, got $4 off and my hair color cost me a whopping SIX BUCKS.

(I know, that does sound a tinge bit redneck..... but as Dave says, who are we really trying to impress???)

So if you see me and my hair looks a bit like Elvira, mistress of the dark-

---- just know that Expresso Ebony- which was the darkest brown I could find- really should be called licorice, as one of my 6th graders so kindly pointed out-----

And tell me it is beautiful.

I know Dave Ramsey will think so when he finds out is was 6 bucks with a Winn Dixie card.

I bet Dave really doesn't care one way or the other about my little old hair color-, but this demonstrates the fact he strongly believes- it's not about budgeting or limiting, but about behavior modification!

It says it is good for 28 washes. I have washed 10 times in 6 days and there is no sign of fading so far. 6 bucks buys some good color.

Oh well, at least it is not purple and my gray is colored.

My real color is almost this dark, I think.

And Dana, my wonderful hairdresser....... I will be in touch when it does turn out purple, or we are debt free- which-ever comes first.

Full Report of Dave Ramsey live tomorrow.

From Elvira, mistress of the dark. But as a friend once told me, at least I am hard ro pick out of a police lineup. Not that I would ever have a need for such.

OMG- there is the financial planning category again.
Happy Friday!!!!!


Leigh said...

I think it looks great!

And now I KNOW that was you that I saw....Seldge had cheer practise the other night and I saw a lady that kinda looked like you at the end of the field talking to 4 wheelers (well, people on 4 wheelers). I had already passed by when I thought, "Hey that kinda looked like Charnita...with dark hair..." but I wasn't sure and hated to back up and yell and it not be you. Next time I will yell!

It looked great in person too. I like it. Very edgy.

HEWY said...


jennifer said...

I think it makes your eyes POP! I went dark once and Hubby thought I looked like some actress. Whatever, I just covered the ridiculous BLOND that I had managed to become through numerous hilights.

I am not a good blond.

WOO HOO on six bucks!!