Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thought for Thursday

My DVR cut off so I missed this ending and found it online this morning......

All I have to say is that I am really glad David Cook won American Idol.

Althought I also have to say, as I watched the last performances, I was, for the first time, impressed and enjoying david's performances and was a little scared that he had not out-shined Cook in the end.

When he performed with One Republic last night, he did show some non-theme park star quality in small glimmers.
He is a nice kid and do wish him well- but really wanted my rocker David to win!!!
Last night's Finale was exciting and I also, like my friend Leigh, was teary-eyed in the end.
It started when George Michael performed Praying for Time- such a timly song- and ended when David Cook was so gracious and thrilled.
My baby girl kept saying all night long that she was for David Cook.
When he won, SHE cried as well, because apparently, she thought the other david was David Cook and was an Archie fan the whole time and I didn't know it!
I look forward to seeing what happens to these two, very lucky and talented young men.
I so wish I could go to the tour!!!

On another note, SCHOOL's OUT FOR SUMMER!!! My son is so excited and now maybe he will have more time to play Rock Band with me. He slept in today and we are gonna hand out with friends and go pick up his report card later in the afternoon.
They had their last baseball game last night and it was a terrible upset- but they are still league champs!! Way to go LYNX!! On to football...

I got the pleasure of meeting another blogging friend yesterday.
Dee from The Abundant Lakeridge Life was the winner of my Sew U book giveaway.
Actually my little girl picked Leigh to enter and Leigh gave her win to Dee.
She came over to pick it up and we chatted a little bit.
All bloggers are such nice people.
Well, Hewy and Dullbert???
I am sure they are nice in a strange and mysterious way. (Just kidding, guys!)
And if you weren't so mysterious, maybe I'd give you a sewing book.
Happy reading and sewing, Dee.
And I will send you my measurements for that cute little baby doll dress featured in the book.


Leigh said...

Awww, bless your babay for her guy not winning. But I too am so happy about David Cook-and he has so much marketability!
I am also so glad that Deedra won the book! I cannot imagine there isn't anything sh eneeds to learn because she is a sewing queen but am so happy she won the prize! Good news.

I am hopeful for a wonderufl summer. We will probably be home alot-with gas as high, but we'll make the most of it.

We need to get together soon!

Dee said...

Hey, I have finished Sunday's at Tiffany's and will bring it back to you today or tommorrow. Thanks again for the books! The sewing book has some great patterns in can never have to many patterns!

Abbey said...

Hubby laffs b/c I cry so easily, but I was so happy and it tore me up when David Cook allowed his emotions to show ... not that he probably preferred for them not to show, but those beautiful eyes and those tears, well, it was just overwhelming! I was soooooooo happy for him. The most poignant moment for me was last week's show when he sang "The First Time" by Roberta Flack and they kept showing his mother standing in the audience ... that was totally awesome!! GM and "Praying For Time" took me by surprise ... it was the most perfect song not just for this show, but for our times of today. I must have it!!!

Have a great weeked. God bless,