Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Hate Red Tape...

I have only one phobia..... heights and possible high bridges but we will count it as all the same.

But I have an unnatural, strong disliking, almost phobia- to all things that require filling out forms, standing in line and government rules and regulations or making official phone calls.
Red tape phobia. I wonder what the official word for that is?
Some weird kind of social phobia, I guess.
I am a very organized,obsessive compulsive person otherwise, so this is strange to me that I am not right on top of all the official business.

Thus the reason I still have (had) a social security card originally issued at birth and have had no name change- even though I have been married many years.
Not a feminist thing- just an "I hate red tape"quirk I have.
And aside from filing taxes under an alias..... I really haven't been bothered much with it.

Until someone broke in out vehicle and stole my purse last year- just after I had been to be processed for a new job. I never take my social security card in my wallet, but had just that day, been to start paperwork for a new job and had the card in my wallet.
Huge inconvenience and lots of phone calls, identity theft prevention.
Luckily, I had a very stupid thief.
Took the cash, charged $300 at Target, filled up with gas and that was it.Not to mention that my new favorite Beijo Backpack purse ended up in a dumpster somewhere or made some piece of trash's girlfriend very happy.
With all that was in my wallet, one could have loaded up on Victoria's Secret, Macy's, taken out a credit card or loan, set up payments from my checking account...many, many options if the criminally smart person, like myself, obviously, had of been the taker of my purse.
I said all that to say....

I was forced to have RED TAPE overload today and am suffering a terrible headache because of it.

New Social Security card- for new job.

Yes, I have not even attempted a replacement since the thievery.
We still have a house in another I have been clinging to that state driver's license as long as I could. So, I figured while I had to face my hatred for this sort of thing, I may as well get the full benefit from my misery.

New Driver's License.

Got lucky at the driver's licensing bureaucracy- I was supposed to take the test with an out of state license, but the friendly government employee with such personality looked up my old Alabama license and noted that it was still valid and all I had to do was renew it!!! I had a hard time passing that written test the first time. Probably have not improved much on my road rule knowledge much either.

I probably would not have a very nice disposition in my workplace either if a sign was taped to my desk that said "Profanity and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Police will be called and you will be arrested!" Maybe I should have warned her that my husband would be in some time after me.

So on to the local social security office. Such a fun-filled day.

I got wonderful service from the driver's license lady's sister at the social security office.

What a coincidence!

I now had 2 state driver's licenses, a passport, a birth certificate and several major credit cards in my possession.

None of which did me any good in getting a replacement social security card.

Not in my married name, nor my maiden name.

I have to travel back to the social security office tomorrow.

With a marriage license. Because that is a proper form of ID they will accept.

Just a side note to any reader who may think about hesitating 19 or so years before changing her name to the married one....THEY WILL ask for ID in your name listed on your social security card. And if you have been married two decades, there will exist none.

Boy, do I have a great day to look forward to tomorrow.

Next will be car tag....

I may have to be medicated.


Leigh said...

UGG! SO sorry for you. I HATE that! SO sorry...

Dullbert said...

don't know if you said you were flying or driving out west. But if you're flying does the name on the license still match the ticket ? That would be a pain I.T.A.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Yes....thank goodness license matches air ticket.

Or I may have to be institutionalized.

Dullbert said...

"I may have to be institutionalized"

you would like it here :)