Thursday, May 15, 2008

david and David

Well, it will be a David showdown on American Idol. I can't say that I am suprised- or that I disagree. While I do not like the Disney-theme park david, I do have to admit he is very talented vocally and corners the pre-teen and teen market.

I always root for a contestant to be booted off then feel sorry for them when they are- but Syesha was the least talented, least original figure left on the stage.

I enjoyed seeing their hometown visits and it was very touching to see the fan support of these ordinary people made stars.

So all of us 30+ women out here- and men who do not like theme park music- must call and vote for David Cook. Did you hear them say that 56 MILLION votes were cast???

David Cook is the more contemporary, versatile singer.
He has grown and blossomed over the show's span.
He has the most star potential.
He, in my opinion, must be the next American Idol !
On a side note, what was that Fantasia all about???
I did not watch the show before this season and do not know her music at all.
But, with the popsicle pink hair and screaming, I do not think she bode well for the winning Idol contestant's future. Do you?
I think Simon agreed. Did you see his face when the camera cut to him during her performance.
Granted, I do not like that type of music, but even if I did, I do not think that was a good performance at all.

So, next week on the exciting Idol Finale'- Vote David Cook.
He deserves to win....
I think little david will be successful in the children's corner of the world post-Idol regardless of the outcome. To me, David Cook just has more potential to have long-term staying power.
And when little david grows up, he may just have staying star potential as well.....

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